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1. When you think you are in love for the first few times it will hurt you when it’s over, but give it time and you’ll realise that you are worth so much more than that so called love.
2. Friends can be just as so called as that love. It’s not your fault nor should you close out every other friend “just in case”. Hold tight to the ones that count.
3. It’s easy to put things off and hard to get things done. Make a list the prioritize. Get the first three done.
4. Some people will always underestimate. Some people will always believe in you more than you do. Remember which voices count.
5. Finding courage is one of the hardest things, but if you want to truly live, you must be brave.
6. Even in your darkest hour there is small flickers of light. Thrive in those.
7. Too often you may feel overwhelmed. If you can take an afternoon to relax. If you can’t spend three minutes, then refer to number 3.
8. Try and get enough sleep even if you have to say no to other things.
9. People don’t know what you are going through if you never let them in. It’s easier to get better with friends.
10. Smile. You are insanely beautiful, goddamn intelligence, brave as hell, and a fucking good friend. And always remember your not the least bit useless
whatapunderfullife ,  writing prompt #62: list 10 pieces of advice you’d give yourself (via wordsnquotes)
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